Day 211: A Sweater Made Sweeter

Day 212: A'dress'ing a Too-Big Tee! :)
Day 210: Sucker for Seersucker Dress

I hate turtlenecks.  They don’t look so great on me either.  :/

Mrrrph. Mmmmph! Mrrrrrmmmph!

I love that diagonal stripe pattern, though!  I decided to explore that a little further!  :)


Yup…we’re going solo sleeved!

I folded that top edge under twice and pinned it down.

Pinned and ready!

Then, I stitched it up!  I used a zigzag stitch so it could stretch with the weave of the sweater.  :)

The Stitch that Zigs! :)

I took in the armless side a bunch to make my new sweater nice and snug!

Pin & Sew!

I wore my sweet sweater to a going away party for a very cool lady.  :)

I'm gonna miss this gal! :(
The Charming Host (I love his jacket!)
Hi Jen! :)
Party People!
Geez! I try to be romantic...;)

When I get all stressy and overwhelmed, Fella is sadly the one who bears the brunt of it.  :/  The best remedy is spending time with my friends and just listening to them.  Hearing about all the interesting things they have going on in their lives really helps to get me out of my own head.  :) So-and-So just moved into a new house.  So-and-So just started a new job.  So-and-So hates their job and is planning on spraying EZ Cheese into the heating unit in their boss’ office.  These stories calm me.  :)  This party really was a breath of fresh air.  I’m lucky to have such an understanding fella, and such fun friends!  :)


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