Day 212: A’dress’ing a Too-Big Tee! :)

Day 213: D'oh! Dress
Day 211: A Sweater Made Sweeter

It seems like every time I volunteer at an event where I’m required to wear a Tshirt for said event, I always get stuck with a tee that’s a good 5 sizes larger than the one I requested.  :/  This includes today, when I showed up at The World Beer Festival.


It looks like Erin snagged the last medium tee. They didn’t even have smalls.  :/

She’s a smug little thing, isn’t she?  :)

Luckily, I anticipated my bad luck, and came armed!

Gigantic tee, you have met your match!

I cut each of the sleeves of my tee into strips, like so:

By this time, Erin was looking realllly concerned. :)

I stretched out all of the strips, and tied them in front of me.

Tie it nice & snug!

I turned the whole thing around, and was ready to volunteer in style!  :D

Ta Daaaaah! :)

I could have totally worn this as a dress, but stuck with my jeans to keep my legs warm in the colder areas of the Columbia Convention Center.

Muuuuch better than a tent-like tee! :)

And here’s what it looks like from the back!

Pretty neat, eh? :)

I had a blast helping out by lugging bags of ice, emptying buckets, and grabbing whatever the vendors needed.

Dan…the man behind the Brew Crew! :)

Of course one of the perks of providing free labor was that I got to sample plenty of tasty brew!  :)

Booze and friends…a winning combination! :D

I have to admit that this refashion worked perhaps a little too well.  When I went up to a few vendors and asked “Are you guys doing okay?  Do you need anything?”, a couple of them didn’t realize I was a volunteer, and looked at me like I was nuts!  They must have thought I was just a very concerned attendee!  :D


21 thoughts on “Day 212: A’dress’ing a Too-Big Tee! :)

  1. This is my favorite refashion, yet! The possibilities just became even more endless. I can’t even tell you how many tees I have that could use similar treatment.

  2. Ha ha! You really made me smile with this one. I love the fact that you were prepared and ready, knowing the T shirt would be enormous. And look how stylish it turned out! Excellent!

  3. Wow – that is SO cute! I’m left envying the fact that you can wear all these strapless numbers while us larger endowed women are stuck looking like elephants in too big t-shirts. But you certainly pulled this one off with GREAT style – well done! Ali

  4. This is the easiest t shirt dress EVER. Thank you for this! I made one last night with the coolest but gigantic t shirt I got for 99 cents at good will. I tied the strips individually and it gave the back a more laced up look. May stitch in some elastic in the top to make it more permanent. Thank you so much for the inspiration! It looks great by itself for summer or leggings and boots for winter. My favorite thing ever, I’m making many more.. out of hubby’s t shirts.. hehe

  5. I love this idea! My hubby wears shirts that are 5xlt (he’s 6’8″!) and this is the perfect idea for when he won’t wear them anymore!

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