Day 213: D’oh! Dress

Day 214: Jilly Pulitzer Dress
Day 212: A'dress'ing a Too-Big Tee! :)

How did this happen?  Today I had a guest with me while I refashioned.  Sara from Dateline Carolina chatted and snapped pics while I worked.  It was fun talking with her about my process, but sadly I got distracted…and…completely forgot to take any before or during pics.  :/

Just pretend it looked like this, okay?

Today’s dress began as being too big and frumpy.  I liked the plaid print, and I loved that is was handmade.  :)

I took in a bunch from the back, so I could hold on to this really neat side snap.  I just don’t see these very much anymore, and I’d hate to get rid of it.

I like it!

In taking it in from the back, the collar ended up with an obvious raw seam, so I made a small panel to cover it up.  No prob!

That raw edge is undercover! :)

I also took away some of that length, and turned it into a sash.  Sadly, you don’t get to see any of that.  :(

Fortunately, Sara was nice enough to send me a few pics.  :)  Here’s me in action!

I doesn't look very action-packed.

I promise…I’m not sad!  :)

I's an improvement!

Later that night, I couldn’t believe that I forgot to take the flippin’ pictures!  I consoled myself with copious amounts of Indian food.  :)

Sorry, Guys! :(

I promise…I won’t let this happen again!

At least you have a nifty article to look forward to reading!   :D  I’ll be sure to share it with you as soon as it’s published!

I'll never forget again! :)


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11 thoughts on “Day 213: D’oh! Dress

  1. Having just reorganized my closet yesterday, I realized I hadn’t taken any BEFORE photos and now only have AFTERS. Which made me realize how you always manage to do both – which takes a lot of thinking before, during and after so you consistently do a fabulous job – you’re allowed to slip once in awhile!

  2. It is rare to see a sewn-on snap or even very cute buttons these days. Manufactured garments seem to come with the cheapest closures possible. The other day I was making something and when I tried it on I thought it would look good with a frog closure. Then I searched and searched for one and could not find it. I may try a DIY version.

  3. You can buy frog closures from Hancock’s Fabrics, (so JoAnn’s should have them, too.) I got one there and then I actually found pair of them at a thrift store for $.25 !
    Eighty years ago and more, my mom used to make them herself.

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