Day 216: That Little Black Dress

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Day 215: Blue Skies Dress

When I found this dress in a big bag o’ refashionables from Revente’s Last Call, it was anything but little, but it certainly was black.

The big black dress fad just never really took off...:/

This just won’t do!  I decided to turn this thing into a cute little black dress for an evening of Karaoke!  :)

As some of you know, I’m a bit of a bad movie buff.  Some of you might have seen the complete and utter flop that was Shock Treatment, a sort of follow-up to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry.  You really aren’t missing out on much.  :) But…there is this one little song that kept running through my head as I worked on this dress.  Click right here if you want to hear the catchiest (and strangest)  little song about the LBD ever.  :)

First, I went rip rip rip with my seam ripper…

Rip Rip Ripping off those sleeves!

Then I pinned and stitched those raw edges under.

I can't wait to slip slip slip into my little black dress! :)

…and this is where the photos end on this one.  Don’t worry.   All will be explained soon enough (Mwahahahaha!).  ;)

I put the newly unarmed dress on my dress form and pinned it down the sides to get it nice and fitted!   I measured each side as I went along to make sure that they were Even Steven.  :)  Then I ran each side through my machine and cut off the excess material.

The last thing I did was snip snip snip (have you listened to the song yet?) some of that length away, and gave it a brand new hem.   :)

Now my Little Black Dress is minimal (even if it isn’t criminal or siniful) and fabu!  :)  I pinned on my favorite brooch, tossed on a pair of heels, and headed out the door!

Let's face it Mac...That basic black is coming back! :)
Hooray for Karaoke!

Cheers!  :)

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13 thoughts on “Day 216: That Little Black Dress

  1. Well I haven’t seen the movie but I definitely enjoyed the song you linked to – hilarious! And your dress turned out FABULOUS dahling – very nicely done! Ali

  2. I only found your blog last week and I have been literally going through every. single. post. a bit each day and although I always feel compelled to comment how AMAZING these refashions are, I usually don’t make time. Today however, that video about the LBD made my day. LOL…

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