Day 218: to Bea or Not to Bea Dress

Day 219: Life of the Party Dress
Day 217: Earning my Stripes Dress

When Fella saw me in this dress, he informed me that it made me look like a miniature Bea Arthur.

To Bea, or not to Bea?

While I’m a huge fan of Bea, and all her Golden Girl pals, I don’t think I should let them inform my style choices too much.  :)

To get started, I ripped out some really strange shoulder paddage.

Peculiar Pads!

Then, I made a great big chop!

Now that's what I call a chop!

Do you see where I’m going here?  :)

I folded that top part under twice, pinned it, and stitched it down, leaving a small unsewn place in the front.

Stitch it!

I grabbed a completely contrasting sash from another dress and worked it through the casing (with the help of a trusty safety pin).

In ya go!

And that’s it!  I tossed on a belt and headed off into the night!  :)

I like the nightlife, yet I have no desire to boogie. :)

I could have easily just worn this piece as a dress, rather than a tunic.  I was just feeling a tad modest this evening.  :)

I really like the blue/brown combo and the contrasting prints on the sash and the tunic.  :)

While out, I ran into a few fun friends…

You gotta have friends!
Kim just got done singing in a show! :)

…and one mortal enemy.  :/

J/k! He's actually really nice! :)


6 thoughts on “Day 218: to Bea or Not to Bea Dress

  1. I am so honored to be included in your post! I just wish my neck hadn’t been in the bathroom when the picture was taken!

  2. Haven’t seen u for awhile, glad I found u again, hope ur doing ok…I bought three really pretty dresses like 3x I feel so terribly overweight and your size is easier to take in.going out is different, still love what u do so I finally , just making them shorter or fit better changes everything.i would make cute pillows with nurse tops etc. You’ve taught me to see things differently.i totally enjoy u. Do u have a new Bo yet?

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