Day 223: Connect the Dots Dress

Day 224: Annie Dress
Day 222: Jet Setter Dress

Happy Hump Day, Everybody!  :)  After a long day of working at the SC Statewide Arts Conference, I was ready to go out and have some fun with my Karaoke pals!  :)

...just not looking like this!

Something tells me that nothing fun has ever happened to anyone while wearing this dowdy frock…until now!

I pulled my arms through the neck hole and tied the sleeves around my back, like so:

Knotted & Secure!

Now my new dress has a fun and flirty vintage look that took less than five minutes to create!  :)

High heels again? I must be getting brave! :)
Come a little closer...
That's close enough, thank you! :)

I had a blast hanging out with some terrifically fun people!  :)

Evelyn should start a blog that shows off her Karaoke Costumes! :)
It's Dan the Man!
What I would look like as a Koala! :D


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