Day 226: Art Dec-oh! Dress

Day 227: Kimono Jacket
Day 225: Windy Day Batwing Coverup

Check out the ah-mazing art deco print on this sad frock!  :)

The print if fab, but the rest is drab! :/

The shape of this dress was…well…simply not there.  The neck tie thingy was terrible, and all of the seams were riddled with holes!

Riddled, I say!

I immediately grabbed my seam ripper and got to removing that silly neck tie thingy, because bows belong on the necks of cute little kittens, not grown women!

Let 'er rip! :)

After the tie was removed, I was left with some raw edges that needed taken care of.

Pin it down, then sew it!

I also stitched the raw edges of that neck tie thingy under.  It’ll come in handy in just a bit.  :)

Refashing a Sash!

I restitched all the seams on my new dress, including the sleeve hems, which had also come undone.

Stitch that Sleeve!

Whew!  So now I’m done with the repair work, but I still need to fix that length!


The new bottom of my dress even got a new hem!


I used that neck tie thingy as a sash for my waist, shimmied into a pair of red tights, and got to Art Bar just in time to catch my karaoke buddy, Geof’s band: Side by Side!  :)

What's black and white and red all over?
Such a talented guy!
I'm with the band! :)

While out, I ran into my friend, Jimmy…who promptly tried to choke me (obviously in an attempt to take over this blog)!  :)


Fun times!  :)



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