Day 231: Boldly Going Nowhere Top

Day 232: No-Sew Cocktail Dress!
Day 230: Send in the Clowns Dress

Today’s piece looks like it might have been some sort of uniform in a previous life.

Holy bad hair day, Batman!

Neither that dress nor my locks were looking too great.  :/  And style wasn’t the only thing missing from this sad dress.


The worst thing about this dress was its shapelessness, so I got to pinning!


Then, I got to sewing!


Then, I got to snipping!


Now that frumpy dress is a cute new top that works perfectly with my pencil skirt!  I put my uncooperative hair back in a snood, and was ready for my day!  :)

Saved by the Snood!


6 thoughts on “Day 231: Boldly Going Nowhere Top

  1. I have the SAME pin cushion with those weird little guys around it, but mine is green! I did not believe anyone else in the world could possibly be using one of these awesomely tacky creepy things too!

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