Day 232: No-Sew Cocktail Dress!

Day 233: Mardi Gras Dress
Day 231: Boldly Going Nowhere Top

Today’s dress was delightful in that it was made of silk, and had an awesomely tacky print.  :) It was less than delightful in that it was of a hideous shape with one shoulder pad.  :/

One Pad Wonder!

What follows is perhaps the best no-sew refashion I’ve ever lucked out on!  :)

I ripped out that solo shoulder pad…

Later Tater!

Then, I wrapped the arms of the dress around my waist and pinned the bust to keep my new dress from slipping off.  :)

Pinned & Secure!

Now I have an awesome cocktail dress…perfect for a fun Friday night!

This took all of 2 minutes, folks!
Loving my awesome Cindy Saad necklace! :)

While out, I ran into a couple of fun friends!

'Ello Cat! :)
It's the always amazing Clark Ellefson! :)

I finished the evening with a tasty KC Hotdogs veggie dog!  :D



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5 thoughts on “Day 232: No-Sew Cocktail Dress!

  1. gorgeous print! can you do a mini-tutorial on how you actually wrap the arms around? are you wearing the dress unzipped so it fits around your chest? what did you pin in the front? i know youve done this a few times before but being dense… i have absolutely no idea how youre managing it.

    1. Next time I’ll make sure I get more pics of how I do this. Each dress that I do this with is different. This dress is actually fully zipped up. It works because the front does that cross over thing, so I can adjust it quite a bit. I’ve tied the sleeves off to the side, so they look like a sash. :) The best advice I can give is to just play with the dress until you like it. :)

  2. love your look with this dress but I could never get away with the strapless look and gawd help me if I tried to tie my sleeves! LOL…hope you will cut the sleeves off and show us how it looks, think it would also be adorable! like you!

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