Day 233: Mardi Gras Dress

Day 234: Brunchtime Dress
Day 232: No-Sew Cocktail Dress!

When I saw today’s dress, I knew it would be just the thing for a Mardi Gras Celebration!  :) long as it was a celebration in the 80's. :/

I love the gold hue, and the luxurious silk fabric, but I wanted something cute and fun to catch a parade with friends…and this wasn’t it!

I decided to completely lose the top part of the dress.


I left just enough of the fabric from the top part to fold over and pin.  Then I stitched it down.

Sewing right along the orginal seam!

Now I needed straps for my new dress.  I whipped up two fabric tubes from the leftover sleeve fabric…

Strap Tease!

and pinned them to the front and back of my new dress!


I stitched them down, and was all done (after a quick press!)


I slipped on some purple tights and green accessories, and was ready to meet up with my pals for pre-parade cocktails and pizza!

Ta-Dah! :)
Pre-party wine tasting! :)
Phillip whips up some tasty cocktails! :)

We headed off to watch the parade…but never quite found it!  :/  We ended up traipsing all over the Rosewood neighborhood, laughing at our lack of parade tracking skills.  :)

We'll be our own parade! :)
Sometimes life is the parade. :)

Happy Mardi Gras, everybody!  :)

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  1. Love the refashion — especially that you kept the drape in the front. Look forward to seeing the bodice show up in a later refashion.

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