Day 235: Out of the Dark Dress

Day 236: Fat Tuesday Top
Day 234: Brunchtime Dress

For some reason, when I attempted to take the “before” pics of this dress, the flash on my camera refused to go off.  It’s as if it didn’t want anyone to see this extremely unattractive dress!  :)

Don't worry! This dress will be coming out of the dark in no time! :)

I love the funky contrasting print on the shoulders of this dress, plus it has pockets!  I’m less than fond of those funky shoulder pads, the length, and the fact that I’m swimming in it!

I decided to take this dress in from the back so I could hold on to those side pockets.  It’s all a part of my national “A Pocket is a Terrible Thing to Waste” campaign.  ;)

It kind of looks like a fin at this point.

I then ran my fin through my sewing machine!  :)

Taking it in!

I lopped off the fin-like appendage, and attacked that dress’ length!


Next came a new hem!

Pin it! Sew it! Be done with it!

After a quick press for my new seam and hem, my new dress was all done!

Whoa...a little short, eh?

This dress is definitely on the short side!  Luckily today was a holiday and I didn’t have to work.  My new dress was a fine length for whipping up a tasty dinner for my neighbors.   :)

The secret's in the sauce! :)

I made pork, roasted asparagus, and gnocchi with a gorgonzola cream sauce!  T’was delish!

Food Porn! :)


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5 thoughts on “Day 235: Out of the Dark Dress

  1. Not loving that shoulder print section. I think maybe lopping off from the breast downward would have been better (again, because I don’t care for the shoulder print). Otherwise, you did a great job at refashioning it. Love, love polka dots.

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