Day 236: Fat Tuesday Top

Day 237: Bad Day/Good Night Dress
Day 235: Out of the Dark Dress

When I first found this awful yellow dress, it left me feeling anything but mellow!

Fella said I look like I belong in a rumpus room!

The first issue I had to address (har har) was a couple of stains on the bottom half of the dress that I couldn’t get to photograph for the life of me.  Rest assured, they were pretty obvious in person and appeared to be of the coffee persuasion.  I decided to just lop that part off and make this dress into a top!

Lop (You thought I was going to say chop, didn't you?!)!

I put my future top on my dress form and pinned it, taking it in about 3″ on each side.


Then, I ran each side through my machine!

Mood Light Sewing!

I wasn’t really feeling the original neckline at all.  I used my seam ripper to remove those 3 functionless buttons…

You have no function and must be removed!

and gave that middle section a quick snip to turn it into a much more flattering V-neck!

I grabbed that bottom cut off section, and snipped off the bottom hem.  Check out how pretty and lacy it is on the inside!  :)


I used this cut off scrap as a sash to cinch the waist of my cute new tunic!

They call me Mellow Yellow! :)

I wore my new top to the Original Pancake House for a tasty Fat Tuesday Breakfast Dinner with the Fella!  :)



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7 thoughts on “Day 236: Fat Tuesday Top

  1. Totally cute. But what I can’t figure out is how you always seem to be eating and drinking yummy food and beer, but still manage to be a size zero or 2 or 4. Tiny anyways – I’m envious…and impressed.

    1. I agree with Ali. I also can’t figure out how you “see” these cute clothes in the pieces you start with.At any rate, I look forward to being surprised every day. Thanks for the inspiration.

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