Day 237: Bad Day/Good Night Dress

Day 238: Little House on the Scary Dress
Day 236: Fat Tuesday Top

It’s been a while since I’ve encountered a frumpy housedress.  I was actually pretty excited when I found this one!

It's so comfy!!!

I had a rough day today, and wasn’t in the mood for a lengthy refashion process.  I wanted to get to Karaoke Night (and a drink) ASAP!

Not to worry!  This dress will be refashed in a dash!  :)

First, I carefully cut off that pretty patterned bottom part of the dress.  I had great plans for it!


Then, I attacked the rest of that rather unwieldy length!


I grabbed that pretty patterned piece that I cut off in the beginning and used it as a sash for my brand new dress!

A cute & easy refash!

I was happy to run into several of my fun friends!

Don't we look fierce? :)
It's Nick Danger Dunn! :)

As it turns out, all I needed to recover from a crappy day was a little Karaoke Therapy!  :)

...and check out my awesome footwear!


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