Day 244: Liberty of London Calling Dress

Day 245: Mandarin Blue Dress
Day 243: Feeling Spotty Dress

When I found this dress for $1, the only things I liked about it were the print (soooo Liberty of London), and that fabu fishtail skirt!

Hey! Wait a tic...

If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all, you’ll notice that this pic has been taken at my old place.  That’s because The Artist Formerly Known as Fella and I are awkwardly cohabitating until I can move into my new place, so I can keep up with this blog, and work on the play I’m taking a wild fling at costuming.  Like I said, it’s awkward, but my life is basically a series of awkward moments, so I’m sort of used to it.  :)

Anywho…today’s refash is a no-sew!  I snipped out those ooglay malformed pads…

Ooglay, I say!

Then I unbuttoned a couple of the back buttons and tied the arms around my back in an act that would challenge the most brilliant yoga master!  :)

That wasn't easy

Now I have an oh so very Liberty of Londonesque dress!  I hopped over to Main Street to check out a few art shows.  :)  It was good to be out and about!  :)

Down on Main Street!

Once again, thanks to everyone for the well-wishes and kind words as of late.  But to quote the 1968 Mel Brooks film, The Producers,”You have exactly ten seconds to change that look of disgusting pity into one of enormous respect!”  ;)


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9 thoughts on “Day 244: Liberty of London Calling Dress

  1. Only enormous respect for you at this end. Good to see you smiling even though you are in a really uncomfortable situation. And the dress is lovely!

  2. I’m late to the party here… I’ve just found your blog and am systematically working my way through every single post from the beginning. I just wanted to say that you’ve inspired this committed thrifter to go further and work on some refashioning myself. And even though your breakup was now months ago, I know that these things take a long time to work through and I’m thinking of you. All the best.

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