Day 246: Hunter-Gatherer Dress

Day 247: Busy Day Dress
Day 245: Mandarin Blue Dress

When I’m on the hunt for a potential refashion, the first thing to draw me in is a unique and pretty print!

It takes some imagination...true

Now all I have to do is extract everything bad from this dress, so the awesomeness hidden within can come out and play!  :)

I hate the sleeves (plus it’s too hot here for sleeves anyways!).  I hate the length.  I hate that stifling turtleneck.  Time to get chopping!

First the Sleeves!
Then the length!

I folded the shoulders of the dress under once and stitched them down to make them narrower for my scrawny frame.

Just a single line along the seam!

The turtleneck issue was fixed by wearing the dress backwards, so the back zip is now in the front, giving me some breathing room!  I used the bottom scrap from the dress as a sash, and was ready to go!

Time to head out!

I met up with Erin to check out the Greater Columbia Society for the Preservation of Soul at Hunter-Gatherer!

Preserving the Soul. Preserving the Funk! :)

While trying to do that awkward arm-outstretched photography thing, a rather handsome silver fox with a thick European accent (Hey…I’m single and I can say such things) said he would be delighted to take our picture for us.  :)

Thanks Handsome Stranger Guy!


5 thoughts on “Day 246: Hunter-Gatherer Dress

  1. So cute! I love how you made the sash, and I love the zip in front! Hey, I just realized that maybe you know of my friend Shigeharu Kobayashi? He is filled with awesomeness–he is the guy who made the Columbi-yeah! t-shirts. I came down to see him and some other friends from college a while back, and we danced the night away at the Art Bar! So I’m happy to see its glory living on :)

    1. Hi! I know of him, but I don’t think I’ve ever met him. I LOVE the Columbi-YEAH shirts! I sent one to a friend of mine who’s teaching in China, and she pretty much flipped out over it.

      And oh yes…Art Bar is alive and well! :)

  2. I love this one. The print is fabulous and it goes great with your sandals. I wish it was hot here. We are always in turtlenecks and long sleeves.

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