Day 247: Busy Day Dress

Day 248: Nomadic Top
Day 246: Hunter-Gatherer Dress

This was one of the busiest days I’ve had in a long long time.  First, I had to do today’s refashion.  I chose this dress right here.  Ah!  I’m such a sucker for teal!  Throw in a cool print, and I’m ecstatic!  :)

I hide my enthusiasm well.

Fortunately, this dress didn’t need much work at all!  I lopped out its one little shoulder pad.

The Solo Shoulder Pad: A metaphor for my life. ;)

Then, I cut off some of that length!


I used the bottom scrap as a sash to cinch the waist (yes I know…not really a surprise, eh?), and rolled up the sleeves.  There was no need to hem anything, as this is one of those polyester fabrics that will never ever fray.  The skirt flows much nicer without a hem anyways.  :)

Ready for a hectic day!

Now for the rest of my day.  I had to alter a friend’s dress that she was wearing to a wedding that afternoon, scour every thrift store I could for potential costumes for the show I’m working on, drive all over town to all sorts of stores that I loathe to try to find what I needed to refashion alien costumes from, move more of my stuff from one location to another, and make it to rehearsal that night.  So I was home for about an hour. Now my plan was to start the dinner early so Karen and I could unload the guns that Jimmy didn’t want, and then get the package for Lois to take to Atlanta for her trip later that night

Okay…so the last part of that is from the movie, Goodfellas.  But I definitely felt like Ray Liotta’s character in that scene all day today…minus the shady dealings and helicopters.  ;)

Thankfully, I managed to accomplish the vast majority of what I set out to do (Even found what I need to make the alien costumes!  HUZZAH!).

I even managed to grab a sammich before rehearsal!  :)

I love you, Sammich!

By the end of the night, I was exhausted…but in a good way!  :)

Just a tad frazzled!

Don’t worry folks.  I’ll get it all done!  :)


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6 thoughts on “Day 247: Busy Day Dress

  1. Dress looks very cute — love the changes, and cinching the waist with a belt enhances your figure. Now that sammie is HUGE!

  2. Another fab print and that is one giant sandwhich! Will you post a pic of the alien costumes when they are done? If it doesn’t contravene / break any agreements.

  3. Love your creativity! I’ve only been reading for a few weeks now, but spent the time going back over all your creations and I have to say I am inspired & thoroughly impressed!! You find such hidden gold! You must have some great Charity stores over there, here in Sydney (Australia) you couldn’t gat a dress for $1! I love to Op shop, so will be on the look out for some old lady dresses :-)

    Thank you for sharing your love of fashion & skills! I’m sure there are days when you don’t feel like creating..& yet you do – your commitment is valued!
    Looking forward to seeing more amazing creations!

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