Day 250: From Muumuu to New to You!

Day 251: Unfinished Business Dress
Day 249: Day 55 Revisted!

Today’s dress started its life as a ripped up muumuu.  :/

I’m assuming the original owner was mauled by a tiger!

Yikes, right?!?!

Luckily, I felt bad for the poor thing.

I took in each side about 3 1/2 inches, which took care of the ripped up side, and made it nice and fitted!


I still wasn’t happy with the length of my new dress, so I took off a couple of inches.

Short and Sweet!

I cut along the bottom hem to make a skinny sash!


Now that dress is ready for a busy day of work, costuming, and rehearsal!  :)

A cute dress to get me through the day! :)


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4 thoughts on “Day 250: From Muumuu to New to You!

  1. Wow, from the first picture I just couldn’t see how that mumu was going to look anything but frumpy. (It reminded me of all the older ladies who used to chase me off their lawns when I was a kid.)

    But it really turned out cute! Well done!

  2. Beautiful colours in that refashion. Another winner! Inspired by you, I have been refashioning madly here in London. Times are tight, I don’t have the budget to spend on new clothes, so what a fun way of expanding your wardrobe without being spendy. Thanks so much for the inspiration. You have truly changed my mind about how I think about fashion. Hope you’re feeling as well as you can at the moment. x

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