Day 251: Unfinished Business Dress

Day 252: Vampira!
Day 250: From Muumuu to New to You!

When Patti at Revente’s Last Call handed me this piece, I knew it would make a perfect refashion!

It'll be perfect, I say!

You’re looking at a handmade dress that someone didn’t quite finish.  Given the shapelessness of the thing, I can understand why!

You can see where they basted the arm holes, but didn’t add any sleeves.

Unfinished Business!

No worries, slacker who started this dress!  ;)  I’ll take over from here!

My first order of business was to close up those arm holes.  It’s really warm here, so going sleeveless suited me just fine!

Finishing off that arm hole!

Then I fitted the dress on my dress form to make it nice and snug!


Then, I sewed up each side!


Now that dress is fabu instead of frumpsville!  :)

Isn't that print awesome???


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10 thoughts on “Day 251: Unfinished Business Dress

  1. That refashion made me go WOW when I saw the end result. Holy fabulousness – that is FREAKING AWESOME on you Jillian! Just need some heels :) (I’m a heel girl, what can I say?) Holy crap Batman – this has got to be my alltime FAVORITE refashion for you. PLEASE don’t give it away!

  2. I’m so glad you kept the length even though it’s not the most flattering, it kept that magnificent print grading intact. The slimness of the dress makes up for the length. Gorgeous girl!

  3. I knew that dress would look great on you…just needed a little nip and tuck!The print on that dress is fabulous!

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