Day 255: Kicked Back Dress

Day 256: Teal Day Dress
Day 254: Happy Birthday to Me!!! :)

When I was given this dress from Revente’s Last Call, I immediately noticed there was something missing!


Somehow the drawstring for the top of this maxi dress had lost its way!  Yikes! :/

I really didn’t like the color of this dress, the black bottom, or the length (I’m kind of over maxi dresses).  :/  Luckily, I knew just what this dress needed!

First, I made a couple of cuts!

Chop and Chop!

I took the top two pieces and put them in a dye bath with some leftover fuchsia dye!

Time for a color upgrade!

After the two pieces were dyed & dried, I worked that bottom scrap through the drawstring casing.  This was made extremely easy, thanks to a new toy I picked up at the fabric store!  This little guy makes pulling fabric through casings a breeze!

The best little doohicky ever! :)

Now that dress is fierce in fuchsia with a fun new length!  :)


It was a tad chilly out, so I tossed on a simple cardi to keep my arms and shoulders nice and warm!

Ah! Toasty! :)

I wore my new dress to Mellow Mushroom for a tasty brewski and early dinner with Marty. :)

Mmmmm! Blue Moon! :)
Mmmmmm! Salad! :)


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7 thoughts on “Day 255: Kicked Back Dress

  1. First, I’m SO glad to hear that a young, hip woman like you is fed up with maxis! Give me a break, been there, done that. What is possibly flattering about that style? Second, tell me about the “doohicky” you used to pull through the drawstring???

  2. What is the name of that “doohickey?” As a Knitter, I sometimes use a big needle, but usually just a safety pin. That thing looks much easier.

    1. That doohickey is called a bodkin. No, really. I’m serious. Not sure if anyone calls them by their proper name anymore, but that’s what it is. I worked as a seamstress 6 days a week for 7 years. I know all that technical stuff, LOL.

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