Day 257: Paisley Park Dress

Day 258: Ashes of Roses Dress
Day 256: Teal Day Dress

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of paisley prints!

Paisley! In yo face! :)

Sadly, this paisley dress wasn’t very fun…yet!  The length is awful, and it really needs a waist!

I got to chopping…


I turned the dress backwards, and used the button closure back to make a new Vneck.  First I had to deepen it a bit…

Deepening that V!

I used that bottom scrap as a sash (I know!  I know!  But I like my matchy-matchy sashes!), and was all done!  I wore my new dress to meet a pal for an after work bevvie!  Oh…and do you recognize my head scarf?  It’s the leftover scrap from Day 253!

Oot and Aboot! :)
Oh hai Blue Moon! :)

Okay…so I’m sure some of you are wondering what’s up will all this no-sew action, eh?  Rest assured, I’m sewing…a lot.   The show I’m costuming opens in just a couple of weeks!  Eeee!  Soon all will be revealed in one giant post!  :)

Here’s another small teaser…one of my Alien Electrode Gun Holsters!  :)  I kind of wanted to wear it to work today.

It's just what your Electrode Gun needs! :)


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