Day 258: Ashes of Roses Dress

Day 259: Seeing Red Dress
Day 257: Paisley Park Dress

Today’s dress is one of those truly hideous numbers that should have never been thought of.  Seriously.

I kind of want to slap the person who designed this terrible thing.

Ugh.  I had been putting off refashioning this hideous dress for a really long time, but my refash stash was low.  I wasn’t certain that I could do anything to save it!

When in doubt, I just start removing the things that annoy me.  :)

Any step forward is in the right direction!

I pinned my new armholes, and put them under the needle!

Going sleeveless for a warm SC day! :)

Okay…things are looking better!  But I think I can do a bit more chopping!  :)

Chop and Chop!

I tied the bias binding from the bottom of the dress around my waist as a mini-sash,  and hopped out the door to rehearsal!  :)

Time to go outfit some zombies! :)

After rehearsal, I spent a little time with some fun people at Karaoke Night!  :)

Hi Herbie! :)
Happy Birthday, LA! :)


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23 thoughts on “Day 258: Ashes of Roses Dress

  1. I actually let out a gasp of horror when I saw the ‘before’ photo. Well done on saving that poor dresses life!!!

  2. I think that I would still want to remove that weird fabric thing from around the waist but removing the sleeves helped A LOT!

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…. ho ho ho ho ho ho…. oh I have tears in my eyes from the ‘before’ picture. Crime against fashion! But as usual, you have birthed a beautiful phoenix from the flames of hideousness!

  4. I wonder if it would be possible to refashion the black and polka dot parts as a corset. I see it if you line up the pieces by the long straight half and turn it right side up.

  5. This is one of my fave refashions you’ve done! Great example of how too much of a good thing really *is* too much — and you brought it to just the right amount!

  6. Best remake by far! I like to look at your original pic and try to figure out my own design.
    Probably lots of your followers do too. I wonder if you could have made a jacket out of the top. A white shirt, jacket, and skirt would have looked fabulous on you. Great work!!!

  7. Love the refashions you do where it looks like the piece fits you reasonably well first (not an obvious size that is much too big and gives you lots of spare cloth to work with). Being a larger person myself, it really does show what a person can do with interesting finds- as it’s not often I find something with cloth to spare.
    I love this fabric and the way it turned out!

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