Day 261: Happy St. Pat’s!

Day 262: Don't Sweat it Skirt
Day 260: Cutting it Off Top

Yay!  Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  How I love a good drinking holiday!  :)

Sadly, I had to spend all day moving.  :/  Happily, I had awesome help (Shoutouts to Mike, Nick, and Bob!)!  :)  As night set in, we decided to call it a day and just get the last of everything tomorrow.

I had just enough time for a quick refash before heading to a fun St. Pat’s Porch Party!  :)

I started with this old ladyish dress.

The print is gorge, but the rest is not!

Forgive me for not having a ‘before’ pic with me wearing this.  My tripod was packed away, and I had a verrrrrry tiny space to complete this refashion!

THIS tiny!

But look!  The finished product still looks quite lovely!  :)

Such a posh print! :)

Hanging out with some fun friends is exactly what I needed after a day of hard physical labor!  :)

Irene: Queen of her porch! :)
Andre. He's tall. :)
It is actually very easy being green! :)
I spy a photobomber! :)


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7 thoughts on “Day 261: Happy St. Pat’s!

  1. I just love all your refashions! I so need to head to the thrift store because you have opened my eyes to what is possible… Thanks for the great ideas. Plus your dress is amazing!


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