Day 263: Pink Paisley Panther Dress

Day 264: Nomadic Skirt
Day 262: Don't Sweat it Skirt

As a lot of you guys know, I began this project as a hater of all things pink.  After refashioning quite a few pink things, I’ve found it’s actually quite a nice color on me, so I’ve embraced my inner Pink Panther!  :)


I look like a paisley bottle of Pepto. :/

The print on this dress is subtly fab, but the shape of the dress is horribly bad (I know…that doesn’t even really rhyme)!


I chopped out these little dudes, which I’m planning on turning into a sunglasses case for my charming hostess.  :)


Thing 1 and Thing 2!

I’ve managed to misplace my box that holds my fabric scissors, so this had to be a no-sew no-cut dealio!  I wrapped on of the sleeves around me towards the front, and the other sleeve around me towards the back, and tied them over my shoulder.  Now that dress is just the thing for meeting up with some friends for pizza & brewskis!



That jukebox is one of my favorite things in Columbia!  :)

I even ran into my mortal enemy/photobomber Marcus!


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6 thoughts on “Day 263: Pink Paisley Panther Dress

    1. Oh! Another thing, I was a pink hater too but then I aquired some pink things which I wore and got gobs of compliments. Later I learned from the late Jeanne Bice that everyone should consider wearing pink because it relfects back up onto your face and makes you look younger, healthier, generally happier. I look for pink now and the only times I get compliments on how good I look is when I’m wearing pink.

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