Day 264: Nomadic Skirt

Day 265: A Circe
Day 263: Pink Paisley Panther Dress

Ah!  Rememeber Day 246? And how after making a cute lil top, I was still stuck with that bottom scrap?

Whatever happened to that bottom scrap?

I told you guys I would be turning it into a cute skirt, and that’s exactly what I did!

First, I pinned down that top raw edge.


Then I sewed it down with a zigzag stitch, since the fabric was pretty stretchy.  :)

Zig. Then Zag!

Next, I took it in on one side by about 4″ to make it nice and tight!


I cut off the extra fabric, and threw on my ultra-cute new mini!

So cute!
Do you like the sassy side slit?

Turning that bottom scrap of the original dress into a skirt means that nothing of that dress went in the trash!  Hooray for no-waste refashions!   :)


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3 thoughts on “Day 264: Nomadic Skirt

  1. I think your hair looks great, and I say do not chop it, but I know just how fun change can be. I love your refashions. You always inspire me. I am always so impressed how you wear all your refashions out and about! Sometimes when I make something that I LOVE I still don’t wear it, not sure why? You don’t have that issue! I have a little refashion blog and and always look up to yours :) Thanks for the inspiration.

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