Day 273: Plan 9 From Outer Space!!!!

Day 274: Deco Dress
Day 272: Never a Bride Dress

A couple of months ago I agreed to costume a production of Plan 9 From Outer Space (yes…based on the 1959 Ed Wood movie).  I’m not really sure why I agreed to this.  I had never costumed a show before, and this one is pretty demanding, with a lot of things that would have to be made from scratch, refashioned, and difficult to procure.

Basically, if you send me an email asking me to do something, start it with “Hey Pretty Lady!”, and I’ll do it.  Seriously.  Apparently I have self-esteem issues.  :)

Anywho…the director, Shane Silman sent me an email that began with “Hey Pretty Lady!” asking me to costume his show, and a flattered me said yes.  Then, the sh*t hit the fan.  I went through a breakup and moving while keeping up with this blog and working on the show.  I think everyone should have to costume a show while they have no place to live.  Wait…when I say everyone, I mean no one.  ;)  Costuming this show was frustrating.  And really hard.  Much harder than I anticipated, and I learned a LOT from the experience.  It was also comforting to have something that needed to be done while dealing with the aftermath of ending my longest relationship.  The world keeps turning.  And those aliens need their costumes.  :)

So…without further ado…Allow me to present (most of) the costumes of Plan 9 From Outer Space!!!  All photos are by Amanda Walczesky Danielson.  :)

Eros and Tana!
Paula and Jeff!
Watch out, Paula!
Meet the Language Computer!
You tell 'em girl!
Hot cops are better cops!
Flying the friendly skies!
Flying Saucers!!!
Put the big one away!
Careful, Fellas!
Reporting for duty!

I love these pics.  They really capture how amazingly fun this show is.  :)  I am so proud of everyone affiliated with this production!  The opening went phenomenally well, with every seat filled by a happy audience member!  :)

I’ll probably be adding more photos to this post as I get them.  :)  If you’re a photographer who was there that night, please contact me!  I’d love to see and show your shots!


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10 thoughts on “Day 273: Plan 9 From Outer Space!!!!

  1. You are one energetic lady ! Good job on the costumes and on keeping your sanity through all of this ! And thanks, most of all, for keeping up with the posts !

  2. Marvellous job! All throughout high school I would choreograph and direct our school plays, just for my class, not the whole school ( that would have been a killer lol) and I would make the costumes too, well at least half of it I’d sew and make from scratch, the MOST frustrating job ever especially when in hi school and still need to get homework done :( so I understand how difficult it must have been especially with everything you have been going through. You better be super proud of yourself, fantastic job!

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