Day 274: Deco Dress

Day 275: Frankentop
Day 273: Plan 9 From Outer Space!!!!

I really love living in the south.  :)  The gorgeous weather makes up for how backwards we tend to be in areas such as politics.  ;)  When I found today’s dress, I knew its lightweight linen fabric would be just the thing for yet another lovely spring day!


Alright.  This dress is obviously too big, and the print is really dated.  :/  I actually like the fun fronds that adorn it, but it screams early 90’s!  :/  Undaunted, I reached for a box of dye!

Purple time!
I threw in a few other things too!

I ran into a slight problem when dying this one.  The washing machine in my new digs doesn’t get hot water for some reason.  :/  This shall be rectified, but the color of the dress was less saturated than what I was really going for.  Still, this was an improvement over the original hue, so I let it slide.  :)

I put my newly purplified dress on my dress form and began taking it in!


Then, I ran each pinned side under the needle!

Whirrrrr!Plan 9

I pressed my wrinkle-happy new frock and rushed out the door to catch the 2nd performance of Plan 9, followed by many drinks with friends!  :)

Mmmmmn! Pale Ale!

I like this dress a lot.  I feel like it has more of a 1940’s feel now.  :)

My sweet Art Deco accessories complete the look! :)
Tall Glass/Short Glass! :)


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9 thoughts on “Day 274: Deco Dress

  1. I love the transformation of this dress – the purple really works well. I read your blog regularly, but somehow I did not realise that you have so much going on, and want you to know that I think you are amazing. I can’t believe that you doing the costumes for Plan 9 and your blog and work and you always look like you are having fun.

  2. Ok I have a question–can you use the dye in your regular washer and the next time you wash a load of laundry, nothing will come out purple?? I want to dye some clothing but I was worried that all the dye color wouldn’t all wash out of the washer. Thanks–I love your blog!!!!

  3. I like this one a lot and I think that it’s just the right shade of purple. It looks pretty and comfortable and just right for warm weather.

  4. In the first pic with it on you (as a finished product) it looks like the buttons are all cattywompus, but the bottom might have just rolled up or something

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