Day 276: Indigo For It Dress

Day 277: Wine Not? Tee
Day 275: Frankentop

When I found this skirt, I knew I’d want to make a no-sew dress out of it.  I also knew I’d done this several times already this year, so I’d need to come up with a clever new way of doing it!  :)

Loving that indigo blue!

This dress has a back clasp with a zipper.  I turned this to the side and pinned it over one shoulder, like so:

Brooches: The most versatile accessories a gal can own!

I tossed on a pretty silver belt, and my new dress was complete!

Sassy, no? :)

I wore my new dress for a fun movie night with friends!  :)

Happy Film Goers! :)
I MUST stop making goofy faces in all my photos!!!

Check out this tasty treat out kind host gave us!


Yep…that’s a FLAN flavored KitKat from Japan!!!!!  Twas amazing!!!!! :)

'Ello there! :)


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8 thoughts on “Day 276: Indigo For It Dress

  1. It looks great Jillian, gorgeous brooch too. You’ve inspired me to try it myself with a charity shop skirt I bought ages ago with the intention of using the fabric. I never did anything with it but instant refashion, here I come!

  2. On a side note, it’s actually a pudding flavoured kit kat. They are delicious.
    Also, awesome blog (: I’ve always wanted to try doing this sort of thing.

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