Day 283: Flowers on my Shoulders Vol. 3

Day 284: Back in Black Dress
Day 282: Orphan Dress

Let’s jump in the ol’ TARDIS and go waaaaay back to Year 1 of this blog!  Some of you might remember this post, and this awful dress!

Personally, I don't see how one could forget my awful growing-out mullet. :/

Hopefully more of you can remember Day 98, when I made the bottom scrap into a top of sorts.  :)

Remember me?

The biggest problem I had with my top was that it was basically just a tube of fabric.  Not really an easy sell for Revente’s Last Call, as how would anyone know what the heck it is just by looking at it? would you know???

Not to worry!  I have a plan!  First, I stitched up the bottom of the scrap, and along one side to make it straight instead of slanted.  :)


Then I took this scrap of jersey fabric and ran it through the top of the scrap, which was the original hem of the dress.  I used this hem as the casing for a new drawstring.

Save those scraps! :)

I sewed the ends of my drawstring together, and now I have a cute slouchy bag, which would be perfect for the beach.  Just add trashy romance novel & sunblock!  :)

My dress form likes it too! :)
...but I wear it better! :)

Cheers!  :)

5 thoughts on “Day 283: Flowers on my Shoulders Vol. 3

  1. I was wondering how re…buyers? would perceive your creations. I know I’m super late but if you ever do this again you should attach a picture of the garment being worn! You could always cut off your head to impersonalize it… Headless awesomeness! It would give ideas on accesorizing too…I am terrible at this.

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