Day 286: No Tiers Shed Skirt

Day 287: Hibiscus Dress
Day 285: Nostalgia Top

When I found this dress, I confess…I was pretty worried.  I had no clue what the heck I was going to do to save it.  :/

Oh. My. Dear. God. :/

This is some SERIOUSLY scary old lady dress territory here!

As I had no idea where I was going with this one, I began by chopping off the things that annoyed me.  :)

Yick. Yick. Yick...And Yick!

Then, I began playing with the dress…trying to wear it in different ways…and then I found a way that actually worked!

Check it out! Now it's a pretty tiered skirt! :)

Here’s a close-up!

Oh so chic! :)

I wore my stylin’ new skirt to Karaoke Night, where I hung out with some nifty ladies.  :)

Sassy Chicas!
Funny Faces of the world Unite!!! :)


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5 thoughts on “Day 286: No Tiers Shed Skirt

    1. Based on past refashions I’m guessing all she cut off is all she showed, meaning only the lace and shoulder pads, and tired the arms around her waist to hold it in place as a skirt.

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