Day 290: Mad About My Me-Made Makeup Bag

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I’ve decided that I probably spend 40% of my life rifling through my bag looking for my lip gloss, powder, or chapstick.  That’s a lot of time, folks.  :/  It’s time to get organized!

I began with this pretty lace skirt:

Awwww! Pretty!

But this pretty skirt was hiding a pretty obvious secret…

The secret is, Jillian is a bit of a clumsy wino! :/

So…I could just shorten the skirt and move right along with my life, but I decided to go a different route.  :)

I turned the skirt inside-out and pinned a rectangle around the side zipper.  Then, I cut it out!

Cut. It. Out. :)

I ran the edges through my machine, reinforcing the corners a bit as I went along.

Sewing right along...

I trimmed off that extra fabric, and now I have a lovely & lacy makeup case to keep all my beauty essentials in one easy-to-find location!  :)

Fancy! :)
No more digging through my purse!!! :) Yay!


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8 thoughts on “Day 290: Mad About My Me-Made Makeup Bag

  1. This is a terrific idea – thanks Jillian! I will be making one of these this weekend. Keep inspiring us. You are wonderful!

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