Day 292: Marigold Dress

Day 293: Polka Not Dress
Day 291: Weird Science Dress

Wowza!  Today’s dress has a LOT going on, doesn’t it?  :)

Quite busy indeed!

I actually really like the extremely busy pattern on this dress.  :)  Unfortunately, It’s extremely old lady-ish and way too big!

Not to fear!  :)

First, I cut off that bottom patterned section, and put it aside.

I have big plans for you!!!

I took the dress in on the sides by about 2″.


The back of the dress was still super-blousy though.  :/  As I’m not going for the one humped camel look this spring, I took it in a bit from the back, too!

No more Camelback! :)

Next, I lopped off a bit more length.

Get outta here!

Almost done!  I grabbed that scrap from the original bottom of the dress, trimmed it down, and stitched it into a lovely little sash!  :)

Sash in the making!

And now that cute dress is ready for a day at the office!  :)

Properly frocked for a hard day's work! :)


4 thoughts on “Day 292: Marigold Dress

  1. That´s lovely – it´s amazing how a few simple changes can really transform something! Thought of you yesterday as I was having a clothes clear out (some for the rag bag, some for the charity shop, some for refashioning). I had a lot of black t-shirts (I live in them!) which had faded from drying them in the sun here so I chucked them all in the washing machine with a few packs of black dye and now they are as good as new again!

  2. SUPER cute! Great job on this one. I JUST took in and hemmed a dress that I had gotten from a thrift shop and felt so proud of myself -you are rubbing off on us Jillian!

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