Day 303: Babies of the Eighties Top

Day 304: A Pregnant Pause Dress
Day 302: Party Animal Dress

Welcome back to the 1980’s, everybody!  :)  Today’s piece is a fitted & shoulderpadded number that reminds me of one I had as a kid!


It’s not all bad news here though!  Right now bright neon colors are incredibly in, so all this dress needs is a bit of an update.  :)

First, I ripped out those shoulder pads, as I had no intention of playing any full-contact sports that day.  ;)


I thought this dress would work much better as a top, so I hacked off some of the length.


Then I snipped off those way-too-dated sleeves!


I cut a few triangle-shaped notches along the edge of my new armholes.  This makes it easier to fold them over for pinning!

Just like that!

After I pinned my arm holes with the greatest of ease, I ran each one through my machine!


Then I gave that bottom raw edge a new hem as well!

Almost done!!!

Now that 80’s top is looking way more current!  :)

From Crappy to Current! :)

My new top enjoyed hanging out with a few fun friends!  :)

Hi Jamie! :)
Two swell fellas! :)
A triad of awesomeness! :)
Fun times with fun friends! :)


5 thoughts on “Day 303: Babies of the Eighties Top

  1. So many times I see one of your refashions and think “this is my favorite one!” I think this is on the top of that list. Love it!

  2. Having recently “retired,” I have taken up sewing and crafting again. I love your adventures with refashioning. Many of the garments you have selected to start with look like they came out of my closet! You have given me and my granddaughters some great ideas. Thank you.

  3. I loved this before you did a thing to it, although I also would have removed the shoulder pads. I was therefore prepared NOT to like the finished top, but I loved it. You have such a good eye!!!

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