Day 315: Of Greater Fortuny Top

Day 316: Bijou Dress
Day 314: Bibliophile Jacket

When I saw today’s piece, I knew exactly what I’d want to do to take it from little old lady to little young(ish) Jilly! :)

Really? What’s the plan?

There’s a lot to hate about this one.  The sleeves are awful, the fit is miserable, and the bottom is a bit more see-through than my modest tendencies find appropriate.  Basically, the only good thing about this dress is the fortuny pleating with contrasting lace on the top of the dress.

So let’s extract that, shaaaallllllll we?  :)  First, I cut off the bottom of the dress, right above the elastic waistband.


Then, I pinned each side under the neck hole, like so:

Just like this!

I ran each side through my machine, and hacked of the leftover material from the sides.

Now I have a fairly gorge summer top!


I really like this one.  The pleating and lace make it look really luxe, even though it only cost me $1!  :)

Super Hero Pose!
Hooray for giant shades! :)


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