Day 319: Rose Garden Dress

Day 320: Beyond the Beige Dress
Day 318: To Dye For Dress

Just about any thrift store I go to is brimming over with boring skirts that happen to have awesome prints, such as this one right here:

Aaaand this is why you don’t wear a white bra with a black Tshirt.  :/

I put the skirt on my dress form, inside-out, and began taking it in.


Then, I ran it under the needle, like I do!  :)  This left me with a big scrap that I sewed into a long tube by sewing a line about 2″ from the original seam.


I cut it out, turned it inside out, and closed up the one raw edge (the other edge was fine, as it was the original hem).

No raw edges here, folks! :)

Next, I took the tube, folded it, and stitched it to the front of what was about to be my new dress!

A Halter Top in Waiting!

I tossed on a sash and was ready to dash out the door!  :)

Look! I found my snood! :)

While out and about, I ran into a few fun people, like my beer snob pal, Alisha.   :)

Hi Alisha! :)


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