Day 320: Beyond the Beige Dress

Day 321: Here Comes the Rain Dress
Day 319: Rose Garden Dress

Beige is one of my least favorite colors.  :/  Sadly today’s dress is…you guessed it!

Blah Blah Beige! Yick!

Before I even started with the icktastic shape of this frock, I reached for a box of something fun!

Keepin’ it real with teal! :)

Into the washing machine it went!

So pretty!

I left the dress in its dye bath for about 30 minutes, then gave it a thorough rinse and dry.

Next, I chopped off that bottom hem, and put it aside.


I tossed it on my dress form for a bit of lipo!  I had to be careful, as this dress has no zipper or anything.  If I pinned it too tightly, I wouldn’t be able to get it off the dress form or my body!

Take it in!

Each side went through my machine!


I cut of the excess material with my pinking shears, then shortened my dress a bit.

Hot. Hemming. Action.

I pressed everything, and now that drab blob of beige is now a lovely sea foamy frock!  :)

Barely recognizable! :)
Quite happy to be out of the beige! :)


6 thoughts on “Day 320: Beyond the Beige Dress

  1. So cute! I can’t wear beige either, so I applaud the dye job! And the not making the dress too tight job. The first alteration pieces I did left me with dresses I couldn’t eat lunch in: ha! I have been working on some new alterations lately, and you are such an inspiration. I would ultimately like to get comfortable enough with my sewing machine and the techniques to be able to do a piece in an afternoon. Here’s hoping! Thanks for sharing your glorious adventures!

  2. As soon as I get settled in my new place I’m going to try and do a dye job. Thrifted a beautiful, interesting white skirt ($1) that is stained :-/ I’ve tried spray in wash, oxiclean and scurbbing the stain by hand, nothing works! Going to go with Cherry Red and shorten the skirt as much as I can. Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all :-)

  3. I am going through you re-fashions and can’t wait to try some of these things…only thing I live in the Bahamas and it’s not so easy finding items so inexpensive or re-fashion-worthy but I will try…BTW this is one of my faves :-)

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