Day 321: Here Comes the Rain Dress

Day 322: Refashioner's Block Top
Day 320: Beyond the Beige Dress

The thing I really like about the completely blah and shapeless polyester dresses I find for $1 at thrift stores…

So very blah!

…is what wonderful blank slates they are!  You can really do just about anything with them!  :)

I decided to go for a quick, but dramatic no-sew refashion for this one!

First, I trimmed off that bottom hem to make my sash.


Then, I folded the dress in half and made a big asymmetrical cut!

Do you see where this is going? :)

Those sleeves needed a bit of a shortening, too!

Short ‘n Sweet!

And that’s it!  Now that dress is totally transformed!

Lovin’ the High/Low Hem!!! :)

I wore my dress to Finlay Park for a production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).  I was especially excited, as I was asked to review the show for Jasper Magazine and Onstage Columbia!  :)

There I was…poised with pen in hand, ready to take notes!

Let’s DO this! :)

Erin and I were really optimistic…

This play will be great! We just know it! :)

…and then it started to rain.  Hard.  :/

Oh Noooooo!!!! :/

So…the show was called off.  Such a bummer!  Luckily, I’ll be able to catch it/review it on what will hopefully be a bright & sunny Saturday!  Fingers crossed! I’ll be sure to post the link to my review when it’s released. :)


5 thoughts on “Day 321: Here Comes the Rain Dress

  1. I have loved what you do here. It makes me feel like I could be brave enough to sew. Is there any chance you would consider putting the before and after side by side?

  2. Great job and shame you didn´t get to see the show (it´s very funny) but it reminded me of Shakespeare in Regent´s Park in London which often gets “rained off”!

  3. Instead of the boots and the stockings you should have a pair of simple black flats. Would have looked a lot nicer. But otherwise I love it! Your amazing! Keep up the great work!

  4. Your blog is so inspiring! You are magical! You can see the most amazing things in your goodwill finds, unbelievable! I feel like my sense of fashion has expanded since finding your blog! thanks for doing what you do!:)

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