Day 322: Refashioner’s Block Top

Day 323: In the Details Top
Day 321: Here Comes the Rain Dress

When I put on today’s piece, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with it right away.

What direction shall I go in?

It was sort of like having Writer’s Block…only Refashioner’s Block!  I eventually decided to stop thinking about it and just start doing.  Any step forward was probably in the right direction!  :)

First, I took it in!

Pinning the sides!
Follow the Pinned Path!

I cut off the extra fabric with my pinking shears (This is to keep the sides from fraying, btw).

I tried it on, and noticed a BIG problem!

How’d I miss THAT?!?!!!

Luckily, this was a quick fix!

Just re-stitch the seam! :)

I decided to make this dress into a top for the day.  I chopped it off, and gave it a nice new hem!

Pin & Stitch!

My new top is light & flowy!  I loves!  :)

I can’t decide if this pose looks cute, or if I just look like I need to pee. :/
This seat is taken. ;)


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11 thoughts on “Day 322: Refashioner’s Block Top

  1. Definitely love the top! And it looks so good on you! Thanks again for the inspiration, I found myself searching for pretty printed dresses/skirts in our local thrift store and I even bought some things just because of the print. :D

  2. So I’ve spent the last few nights spending several hours going back to the beginning of your blog and reading it until I got to the current entry. A friend of mine forwarded me your page and I’m addicted! I’m a thrifting addict and have wanted a sewing machine for about twenty years. Seriously, what am I waiting for?! I have so much stuff to refashion. ;-)

    P.S. You’re fabulous.

  3. I’m new via Pinterest too, love your refashs! When I saw today’s dress, I had a hunch that’s what you would do with it, turned out great! :) And then I noticed the jeans (I could almost hear the record scratch in my head)… please help a girl in jeans purgatory and do share where you got them? Love them! I know…totally not the point of the blog. Love the shoes too, whole outfit is a win… Keep calm and refash on!

    1. Gee, thanks! Oh dear…I’ve had those jeans for years, and I bought them at a thrift store. I wish I could tell you where to find them (I’d get another pair for myself, too!) The shoes were also thrifted, but they’re Steve Maddens. :) I love “Keep Calm and Refash On”! I might have to steal that! ;)

  4. A friend sent me a link to your site and I am in love! It is great to see the before and after shots…and you make it look like a snap. Thanks for sharing your passion

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