Day 323: In the Details Top

Day 324: Play in the Park Dress
Day 322: Refashioner's Block Top

Today’s piece began as a frumpy black sun dress.

Nothing exciting to see here, folks!

It isn’t very exciting, is it?  It had a little problem as well!


Oh dear!  The bottom crocheted detailing had begun to unravel and rip!  :/

I grabbed my scissors, and snipped it off altogether.


Then, I made another cut to the dress.

Dress No More!

Next, I gave what was about to be my new top a new hem!


Okay, so what was once a dress was now a shirt.  Big deal, right?  But, HA!  I’m not quite finished yet!  :)

I took a piece of the original crocheted bottom and pinned it on the front of my new top in a big loopy pattern.


I stitched right down the middle of the loopy thing, like so…

Carefully stitching along!

…and now that boring, ripped up dress is a fun and pretty top!  :)

Hmmmnnn…what’s over there?
Why, yes.  Those are scrub pants.  Don’t judge me!  ;)


6 thoughts on “Day 323: In the Details Top

  1. Nice!
    And there’s nothing wrong with plain cotton elastic/drawstring pants, AKA scrubs, or lounge pants, or pj’s, or summer casual pants, etc. :-)

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