Day 326: Grecian Bubble Dress

Day 327: Main Street Dress
Day 325: It's a Skirt Bag!

I love the dark green hue and subtle print of today’s dress…

This is what I look like at 5am with no makeup and bedhead. Now ya know.

…and that’s it!  I didn’t like weird cross-over top of the dress at all.  It felt really stifling!

I got to snipping!


I carefully snipped the top part away from the bottom part, right along the serged edge, so it wouldn’t fray.

For some dresses, this would be a totally no-sew refash, but I had to stitch down a couple of things before I moved forward.

Sewing off those pockets!
Stitching down that zipper!

Next, I pulled it under my arms with the bottom hem as the top, and the smaller waist as the bottom and pinned it once…

Riiiiiight there!

Then I began folding it back and forth in front of me, making pleats, like so:

Fold…and fold…and fold…and fold!

Then, I pinned that from the inside.

Riiiight here!

Alllllmost done!  I pinned one of my favorite brooches to the center of the pleated section (both to accessorize and to secure this dress even further) and that was that!  :)

Another one of my grandmother’s awesome brooches!

I wore my funky bubble hem dress to work and for an after-work happy hour showing of an terrific installation by local artist, Eileen Blyth!

Loving that funky bubble hem!

And here’s a few pics of the installation!

At the Adluh building!
This is made from salvaged metal found in the Vista.
I really wanted to take little orange dude home with me! :)

And here’s the artist!

Either Eileen is tall, or I’m short. :)


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  1. Hi! I love your work! Beautiful and so creative! I very much like the way you change some clothes and turn them into such beautiful fashion items! You have a great talent and very good taste! I´m from Argentina, and the first time I saw your work was once that I was trying to change an old t shirt, add something new or original. I came up with your facebook site! I admire you. Regards from Argentina!

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