Day 331: Herbie Tunic

Day 332: Tunactiy Dress
Day 330: Dark & Stormy Jeans

Today’s dress has loads of potential for coolness.  :)

It’s there! I promise!

Coolness would be really appreciated today, as temps have climbed into the 90’s.  Now, the heat isn’t such a terrible thing as there are such things as Air Conditioning and Cold Beer…unless you’re stuck in an empty restaurant parking lot with a dead car battery for a couple of hours.  :/  By the time I got home, I only had a few minutes to do today’s refashion and still get to a Roller Derby Double Header on time!

Soooooo…I made a nice sideways chop!

High meet Low! :)

I had absolutely no time to mess with a proper hem, so I grabbed this guy:

There shall be no fraying!!!!

I applied my Fray Block to the outer edge of my raw hem, and tossed my new tunic on over my fave pair of silk shorts!  :)

I’m kind of obsessed with High/Low hems right now. Can you tell?

While out and about, a pal showed me this!

Whoah!!!!! :) :) :)

That’s right, folks!  I’m in the June issue of Columbia Metropolitan magazine (not available online just yet)!  :)

And yet they gave the cover to Dawndy for some reason. ;P

I was especially excited to see the Carolina Wreckingballs play, as they are the first Men’s derby team to form in my area.  :)  I was less than excited when a friend of mine got injured.  :( He’s a tough cookie though, and stayed to support his team…even with a broken collar-bone!!!

Gordi refashioned a sling out of a hoodie!

After my Day o’ Derby, I headed to Art Bar to celebrate the birthday of one swell fella!

Hollar & Harper! :)
My photographer swore this was an interesting angle. ;)

What a hectic day!  :)



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  1. Totally love the high-low cut – I just did a high-low skirt for a new client and they are cute – laughing because most of my refashions these days are done on the fly like that (when I have time to do them at all!)! I really like what you did here – that fabric is awesome!

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