Day 332: Tunactiy Dress

Day 333: Wave of Mutilation Dress
Day 331: Herbie Tunic

I couldn’t help but note that there was something decidedly fishy about today’s piece.

My wit is clearly floundering today, folks!  ;)

I must admit, I love the print and the pale lavender hue of this dress!  Perhaps it’s the Pisces in me.   Hmmmnnn…

Anywho…this dress was going to need a bit of work before it was ready for an evening hanging out with friends!

I began by chopping off that bottom hem.  This will end up being (you guessed it) my sash.  :)

Filet o Fish!

Then I got to pinning!

Nice & Fitted!

A good bit of sewing followed.


I cut off the extra fabric and chopped my new dress t0 make it short and sweet!

Chopping the Fishies!

I hemmed the bottom edge, pressed the whole shebang, and now I have a fun dress for supping with friends!  :)

Supping with the Fishes! ;)
Chillin’ with Phillip! :)
Phillip looooves Max! :)
The charming hosts!
Igor isn’t as licky as his brother! :)

Cheers!  :)

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37 thoughts on “Day 332: Tunactiy Dress

    1. Thanks! No…I don’t sell any of my stuff personally, but you can buy this dress from Revente’s Last Call. I actually juuuust gave it to them yesterday, so they probably still have it. I’m donating everything I make this year to them. They’re a thrift store that raises money for the Women’s Shelter (check out my “about” section for more info).

  1. Once again, you created a masterpiece. When I saw the first picture, I thought, “OMG!” Quickly scrolled down to see some of your magic. No disappointment I can assure you. Transformation from frump to cool. Always impressed that you donate the end products. (This is helping me with my quest of what to do with my projects). Keep creating and posting because the trickling down effect is working.

  2. My best friend and I are totally obsessed with refashioning thrift shop purchases… you not only get a one off item no one else has, but there’s a certain satisfaction knowing you paid so little for it as well!

  3. I would love to see what you could do with a hospital gown, the ladies before and after birth would love to have a nice hospital picture with their newborns

  4. In LOVE with this dress!! This website has me hooked. At this point, I don’t care about what I do with my life, as long as I look cute and only pay 1$ for it… SuhWEET!!!

  5. I am LOVING your blog! This one blows me away though bc I feel like it’s such a transformation. (It was also the first post I saw, so it’s the one that reeled me in). Can’t wait to see more!!

  6. This is adorable! I found your blog on Pinterest. I’m learning to sew, so I’d love to use your tutorials for inspiration! Check out my attempts at : )

  7. I am LOVING your blog! I have always wanted to learn to sew and have kept an eye and ear out for classes in my area. Is there a link or someway to get to list of all of your refashions other than clicking the back and forwards posts at the top? I have looked at them starting at 365, got to like 152 and had to restart my computer and don’t want to start back over by having to click ‘previous post’ would just like to see a list and start with 151 lol. If that makes sense. Thanks for all you do! Do you do any curtains or anything for your house?

  8. You should have a half hour tv show. Would be great fun to watch you hunt the fashion makeover item, re-design it, sew and reveal the before and after. Thank you for sharing your art – you’re a delightful person!

  9. Cute and you can wear to the hospital and get by with it. They will never ask you to change for them . Cute way to make a hospital gown look neat.

  10. Incredible! For years I have said that “fabric is money no matter where it comes from”. I have tons of things I have taken apart to use the fabric and I was blown away by what I found here! I love the whole repurpose/recycle/upcycle idea and you my friend have absolutely achieved that idea. I cant wait to see what you come up with next, I have a couple dresses I should send to you! :) Thanks for sharing your creativity publicly.

  11. Looks nice on you ! And the neck is a good change from your favorite V-neck opening. I like the fish print, really funny. But something puzzle me about all you refab. The sleeves. With such a large dress to begin with, the arm seam end up somewhere very low on your arm, not on your shoulder. I just cannot imagine how it fit on the back, unless it is some strechy material that is forgiving and allowing a lot of things.

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