Day 333: Wave of Mutilation Dress

Day 334: Room for Improvement Dress
Day 332: Tunactiy Dress

Don’t be scared by the title of today’s post!  Tis merely the title of one of my fave Pixies songs that is oddly fitting for today’s dress (you can listen to this fun song of destruction right here)!  :)

Hmmmnnn…not too bad.

It doesn’t look all that bad, does it?  I’m a bit bummed about that, as when I bought this dress, it was flippin’ huge.  But since I’m too poor to I don’t usually dry clean anything (no matter what the label says), a wash and dry did my shrinkery for me!  :)  This doesn’t make for a very dramatic transformation though, now does it?

Don’t worry.  I’m about to do something nifty.  :)

I took a cue from The Pixies and worked like a Wave of Mutilation on this dress.  :) First, I cut off the bottom hem.


Then, I lopped off one of the shoulders.

More snippage!

Then I lopped of the other one, just a good bit higher.

The lady has gone mad!

Okay…so what was that all about?  I’ll tell ya!  :)

I pinned the shoulders back together, with the raw edge facing the outside.

See where this is going yet?

Then, I stitched ’em down, leaving about 1/2″ of fabric for all to see!  :)


I think it looks pretty flippin’ cool!  :)

Have I mentioned that I’m a sucker for Teal yet? :)

It’s a little difficult to see that shoulder detail in the above pic, so here’s a closer look:

It’s subtle…but nifty!

I rocked my new dress at a lovely Memorial Day Brunch hosted by this delightful lass:

Her Quiche is da bomb, btw!!! :)

Amy cooked up a completely amazeballs meal for her lucky pals!

Noms! :)
We heart Amy! :)
Ready for more noms! :)
I’m such a lucky girl to have such awesome friends! :)
Such a fun afternoon! :)

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend as well!





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6 thoughts on “Day 333: Wave of Mutilation Dress

  1. Jill, so very happy for you and very proud of your accomplishments!!!!! I’ve refashioned a little bit, but don’t have anywhere near the talent that you have!!!! Article was GREAT!!!! Keep it going!!! Loving your blog!!!! Have just read about 100 of them this morning!!!! Kerry Lea

  2. Well hot damn. I just discovered your blog today. (I realize I didn’t “discover” it so much, it was here the whole time, much like Columbus and America and all that. What I mean is, I just found out about it. You get it.) Anyway, what you are doing is so cool. Forget about it. I’ve been going backwards through each and every post. But then. Then! Wave of Mutilation is my favorite Pixies song too. Get out of here with that. It’s just too much. Love it all. I’m going to drive my car into the ocean now. (Not really.)

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