Day 345: Denim Aversion Dress

Day 346: The Vapors Dress
Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases

I’m a firm believer that denim should only exist in 3 states: jeans, jackets, and the occasional miniskirt!  Anything else is just too redneck-y and sad for my tastes!  :P

But then I stumbled across this:

So why in the world would I choose this terrible thing?

Sometimes I actually pity a piece of clothing.  This is one of them!  I’m going against my denim aversion to try and make this dress cute…or at least wearable!

Could it be done?!?!  I had to try!

First, I set about removing those sleeves.  I grabbed my seam ripper, put on an episode of Downton Abbey, and picked away!  :)

Picky Picky!
Double Amputee! :)

Next, I pinned those raw edges from the armholes under.

No raw edges here!

I sewed down my new armholes…

Going sleeveless! :)

…then plopped this frock on my dress form and got to pinning/fitting!

Ooooh! It’s shaping up, folks! :)

As I pinned, I noticed something peculiar.  This dress is living a huge LIE!!!!

Fake Front Placket!!!! WTH????

Since the button-up front was a false front, I couldn’t make it quite as fitted as I would like, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get in/out of the thing!  :/

I put my new dress under the needle to take in each side.


Okay, so now everything is nice & fitted, but that length needed some serious hikeage!

A nice, big chop!
A nice, new hem! :)

I pressed the whole thing, tossed it on, and hurried off to The Thirsty Fellow to meet some pals for baseball and beer!  :)

Not my usual, but a VAST improvement! :)
I love these guys! :)
Go Gamecocks!!! :)
Such cuties! :)

Oh…and I have a challenge for you, dear reader:


Cheers!  :)

32 thoughts on “Day 345: Denim Aversion Dress

  1. Well, I am new to your blog…as of today…AND a bit wacky…as you will discover.
    My caption? I swear if you don’t take your hand off my bottom I am going to kiss your eyeball!

  2. I wouldn’t be caught DEAD in a denim dress… Or so I THOUGHT.. I would totally wear this one, even if its placket is all LIES!
    Caption: “You lookin at me?? Are YOU lookin at ME!?”

  3. I discovered your blog via Pinterest a few weeks ago and obsessively read every post you\’ve made, but all backwards. You\’re such an inspiration! I\’m an avid seamstress, but I\’ve almost always worked from patterns and yardage rather than alterations. Now I\’m relooking things I already own (either homemade or thrifted, obvs, who buys retail anymore?) before tossing them in the hand-me-down pile for friends. I love how you evaluate things for Southern heat. I\’ve cut many an acetate lining out of things because SERIOUSLY? Ugh.

    But the point was, hi! You\’re awesome!

  4. “I need to check your pupils, you seem to have a bad concussion. Which would explain why you didn’t make a sash for this one. -And- it’s denim.”

  5. “When I snap my fingers you’ll wake up, and never wear denim head to toe again”….even if it IS better than it WAS…..doesn’t make it good. Otherwise…you’re pretty crafty…and adorbs.

  6. A country belt with a super cute belt buckle and a pair of gringo cowboy boots would look great with this outfit!

  7. “Thank you for sharing” seems so understated. You are truly awesome! I love your projects. Am saving most of my oversized clothes to rework after seeing what you have done. Lost 100 lbs.this year, so I have a lot of fabric to work with. Thank you again for your inspiration.

    1. Sooooo cool! Congratulations! I read people who weigh themselves every day are more apt to keep the weight off. Also, wear something snug around your middle, as you’ll be less apt to eat as much.
      Have fun with all you “new” fashions!

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