Day 346: The Vapors Dress

Day 347: Low-High-Low Hem Top
Day 345: Denim Aversion Dress

Today’s dress positively gave me the vapors!

I do declayuh! :)

Okay.  Check out that awful multi-layered ruffle action at the neckline!  :/  Seriously?  Seriously?  It’s not all bad though!  That print is lovely, and the crepe-like material is airy & lightweight!  There’s definite potential here, folks!  :)

Yeah…but those ruffles had to go!

I can’t believe all this came from the neckline! Geez!  :/

While I had my scissors out, I made a few more snips as well!

Snip & Snip!

Then, I gave that bottom edge a new hem!


And now that once-wretchedly ruffled reject (yay for alliteration!) is ready to go antiquing!  :)

A lovely way to spend a rainy day!  :)

While wandering about, I encountered a few creepy things that I reallllly wanted to take home with me!  :)

Nightmare fuel!
Say Ahhhhhhhh!

Cheers!  :)



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8 thoughts on “Day 346: The Vapors Dress

  1. Ruffle action! YIKES!!! Looks sooo much better now!!
    The first doll is SUPER creepy!!! But I actually like the second one, and the gator…
    I’m sort of a weirdo though.. ;)

    1. I know. I get into ruts (fabulous ruts are still ruts). For the past three years before this project, I ONLY wore long skirts, because I was self-concious about showing my legs. I’ve finally gotten over that and now hate wearing anything long. But you’re right, variety is the spice of life! I need to do different things! :)

      As to the jumpsuit question, I’m on a personal crusade to turn them all into dresses. I hate ’em! :P

  2. I think you should of made shorts with this pattern. Pair it with a simple white fitted t shirt. would look cute. that pattern is just awful as a dress in my opinion. what were the 80s thinking?

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