Day 347: Low-High-Low Hem Top

Day 348: Living a Lie Top
Day 346: The Vapors Dress

I love when I find pieces that are made of silk!  :)

Mmmmmm! Silky! :)

Unfortunately, this silk dress has been overwashed, so the texture is a bit off, and the weave is really tight.  I decided to take advantage of this.  :)

I put the dress on its side and gave it a funky new hem!  Because the weave is so tight from the overwashing, I didn’t have to worry about it fraying, so I left the bottom edge raw.

A Low-High-Low Hem! :)

And that’s it!  Now I have a fun & flowy top to wear for a Bad Movie Night with friends!  :)

Looks great with my Grandma’s brooch too! :)
Happy Feet! :)
Old Roller Derby Buds! :)


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10 thoughts on “Day 347: Low-High-Low Hem Top

    1. I like them too! I’m getting into refashioning shoes, but have been sewing for a long time and used to have a book on how to make them from scratch, heels even. I used to make shoes for my dolls as a girl–that’s how long I’ve been sewing.
      What I’m trying to get at is there are definitely different levels of experience for shoes, but some are easily manageable. Plus the more you practice, the more advanced you can create.

  1. So cute! And those SHOES!!! Lucky duck–what a fabulous find! I wish I could go shopping with you! :D Thanks for doing this blog. It’s great fun to see what cute outfits you come up with from sad cast-aways. You’ve just about got me convinced that I NEED a sewing machine…lol!

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