Day 348: Living a Lie Top

I don’t know what it was about the late 80’s/early 90’s that made clothing manufacturers believe that people couldn’t be trusted to handle their own layering.

What is this? Two dresses?????

I really don’t understand the whole “double dress” look, folks.  Why did anyone think this was okay????  Especially when the bottom layer is always fake???

YOU LIE, dress!!!! :/

Fortunately, there’s a fairly straightforward solution to this!

Snip! :)

This dress required a bit more snippage to deal with some ooglay pads as well!

Buh-bye! :)

I took the outer dress layer, buttoned the bottom button, and put my arms in with the buttoned part behind me.  :)  Now I have a nice piece to do my own layering with!  :)

I’m really rocking the “Stereotypical Arts Administrator” look today, aren’t I?

I even managed to save a scrap from the cut-off part to make a headscarf!  :)

My apologies to the nice lady behind me who I happened to catch making a weird face. I’m sorry. I’ve been there. :/

I wore my new top to Cellar on Greene for a bit of Wining/Whining with my pal, Erin!  :)

Glasses Twinsies!!! :)