Day 348: Living a Lie Top

Day 349: From Sleepshirt to Sassy Dress
Day 347: Low-High-Low Hem Top

I don’t know what it was about the late 80’s/early 90’s that made clothing manufacturers believe that people couldn’t be trusted to handle their own layering.

What is this? Two dresses?????

I really don’t understand the whole “double dress” look, folks.  Why did anyone think this was okay????  Especially when the bottom layer is always fake???

YOU LIE, dress!!!! :/

Fortunately, there’s a fairly straightforward solution to this!

Snip! :)

This dress required a bit more snippage to deal with some ooglay pads as well!

Buh-bye! :)

I took the outer dress layer, buttoned the bottom button, and put my arms in with the buttoned part behind me.  :)  Now I have a nice piece to do my own layering with!  :)

I’m really rocking the “Stereotypical Arts Administrator” look today, aren’t I?

I even managed to save a scrap from the cut-off part to make a headscarf!  :)

My apologies to the nice lady behind me who I happened to catch making a weird face. I’m sorry. I’ve been there. :/

I wore my new top to Cellar on Greene for a bit of Wining/Whining with my pal, Erin!  :)

Glasses Twinsies!!! :)


7 thoughts on “Day 348: Living a Lie Top

  1. Hi. Firstly let me say I love your blog. You’re giving me confidence (although I’m not quite there yet) to refashion/fashion clothes for myself, something I have always wanted to do. Secondly, I’m curious to know what you do with all the clothes you make over. Do you wear any item a second, third or more times?

    1. I how you’ve gotten the courage to refashion by now! If not, I say bite the bullet! Diving into the deep with a cheap thrifted item that’s ugly as is might be the best way to give yourself courage. If it doesn’t turn out, you’ve learned, and hopefully gown enough courage to make something cool later on.
      Also, don’t let a few disasters detour you! Just keep playing and something will turn out!

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