Day 349: From Sleepshirt to Sassy Dress

Day 350: Charity Shop Chic Top
Day 348: Living a Lie Top

A lot of you guys have told me how much you loved my T-shirt refash from Day 210, and have asked to see more.  Well…today is your lucky day, friends!  :)

I started off with this khaki tee from the Dollar-a-Pound Goodwill.

It’s actually really comfy. I’m tempted to leave it as-is! :)

I made a cut down the middle of each sleeve, like so:

Just a little snip! :)

Then, I pulled the neck hole down under my arms and tied the sleeve sections together in the front!  :)

Now that Tee has gone from sleepshirt to sassy!  :)

It’s still really comfy, too! :)

Thrift stores are crammed full of plain ol’ tees.  Why not turn them into something fun?  :)

It’s that easy! :)



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39 thoughts on “Day 349: From Sleepshirt to Sassy Dress

  1. This looks great. When you make the cuts across the middle of each sleeve do you cut all the wat to the neckline so it is opened?

  2. I keep wracking my brain with the sleeve cut. If the T-shirt if laying flat, would the cut go through the middle of the sleeve (so you can see cut when laid flat) or does it go from outside arm up to shoulder? Sorry, I am an idiot!! LOL

  3. I can’t get my upper or lower body thru the neck hole as is…can I trim the finished edge off with out totally losing the ‘dress’ off my body?

  4. OMG such a great idea ! I actually didn’t cut the sleeves but still the results is great and I now have the choice on how to wear it, thanks !

  5. Hi. You’re awesome, seriously can’t count the times that I’ve found a different post from you on my Pinterest, and may I just say that this blog is horrible for me. It is often the cause of late nights doing homework, because hours of the day were spent clicking through posts. It has created the need for me to add yet another pinterest project to my to do list, which seems to be ever growing. You rock!

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  7. i like this, but it basically only works if you’re short! can you do some refashioning for tall girls that wouldn’t end up too short and inappropriate?

    1. Stacy, you’d either have to find a really long t-shirt, wear it as a top, or add to the bottom–a contrasting color from another junk tee might be cute?
      Good luck!

  8. Thank you so much for this easy tutorial. I used it to make my own t-shirt dress with one twist. I made multiple cuts from the sleeve hem to the shoulder seam so that basically each sleeve was made into fringe. It turned out really cute. Thank you for blazing the trail.

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