Day 351: Egyptian Papryus Dress

Day 352: Blue Cove Dress
Day 350: Charity Shop Chic Top

Thrift Stores always seem to be teeming with loads and loads of awkward-lengthed skirts!  Well lookie here…here’s one of them right now!

Do you see the potential in this?

Okay.  So the cut of this skirt is ridonkulously boring and the length is lousy, but check out that print!  It’s delightful and perfect for a warm (but not too warm) South Carolina evening.  :)

Don’t look at it as what it is.  Look at it as what it could be (Good advice for refashioning/terrible advice for romantic relationships)!  :)

I put my skirt on my dress form, using the button closure as a sleeve-y strappy thing to go over one arm.  Then, I pinned where this left that side open to make it fitted.  :)

Taking it in!

I ran this through my machine to make a single seam.


Then, I lopped of the extra fabric, and tossed on my new dress to go out & about for the evening!  :)

Just Chillin’ poolside…like ya do. :)
Just Chillin’ at Hunter-Gatherer…sippin’ a Pale Ale…like ya also do!
Just Chillin’ with some Egyptian Papryus…like I honestly never do! :)


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14 thoughts on “Day 351: Egyptian Papryus Dress

  1. This looks fantastic! Totally changes the way I saw the print.

    It hasn’t taken 365 days to change the way I look at fashion…. I’ve spent the entire past 3 days looking through your blog, and thanks to you I refashioned an old “prairie” dress (a fave from the 90’s) into a new blouse this weekend :)

  2. I found your blog via Pinterest and I have been going through all of your refashions and…You’re a genius. I’m definitely going to give this a try. I just got a sewing machine and it needs to be broken in!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you turn skirts into dresses. I suck at sewing. I’m learning though, but I figured if i screwed up a skirt I already hated, I wouldn’t feel so bad. I’m sure if I were a size 6 or less I could MAKE more stuff fit me. Right now I doubt I could make some of those outfits into dresses for me. Being a bit top-heavy, I have sooo much trouble finding things that fit me right. I’ve got to learn to take my clothes in. Thank God for you and for YouTube tutorials!

  4. hey! how do you do this? i want to do this sort of stuff, but right now i dont have time. how much time a day do you spend on this? and how so you decide on what to do with each dress?

    1. Plus if all you’ve got is a few minutes here and a few there, those add up to a new dress/shirt/pants/jacket/outfit. And you don’t need 365 of them, Jillian’s wearing hers once then donating to charity.

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