Day 353: Keep it Going Top

Day 354: Lunch Outing Dress
Day 352: Blue Cove Dress

Usually I don’t even bother with pieces like this.


You’re looking at a poorly made top that has faded (probably after 1 or 2 washes).  I usually stay away from these fast fashion pieces, as they simply aren’t built to last.

Faded & Sad. :(

I found this one at the $1 a pound Goodwill and decided to try to make it look new again.

First, I needed to take care of the fading issue.  I grabbed a couple of boxes of dye that only had a bit left over.

Wonder what will happen when these combine forces?

After a 40 minute dye bath, I got my new top looking as fresh and crisp as I could with a little help.


Now that tired top has been given a new life!  :)

No longer faded, and looking fresh! :)

…and look at the back (it was already like this, btw)!  :)

Funky Cutaway Detail!


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